Photography Courses

Creative Photographic Tuition

Whether you are just looking to understand how to use your camera a little better, or to learn more advanced photographic techniques to bring on your development as a professional or keen amateur photographer, Matt is here to help. Working every day of his life with cameras and the software associated with modern photography, he can help you to better understand how to get stunning images every time, no matter what you are shooting.

Based on his usual rate card of £75 per hour, Matt can offer one off or regular sessions of an hour up to a full day, not just by showing you how to achieve the results you are after, but letting you actually do it, as doing something is always the best way to learn. Sessions can be on location, at Matt's state of the art studio or at your home depending on the type of course you are interested in.

Please take a look at the example options below as a guide to the kind of courses available or get in touch to talk about what exactly you are looking to achieve and Matt will tailor a custom package for you with clear costs. All these courses can also apply to videography if that is more appealing. 


Basic Camera Tuition - 1hr

A basic look through the controls of modern DSLR and mirrorless cameras. This session will help you understand the relationship between shutter speed and aperture, the best focal length to use as well as how to focus most effectively. A great way to become more familiar with your equipment. You will only need your camera with a charged battery, a memory card and a willingness to learn.


Photographic Principals - 2hrs

This session aims to look less at your specific camera and more at the rules that define good photography. This class will allow you to understand how and why certain things work the way they do, with a lot of picture taking to illustrate the methods. It will give you solid foundation of understanding on which to build and become a better photographer on your own. Having your own camera with you is beneficial, by not necessary as the techniques learned can be transferred to any photographic device.


Picture Editing Basics - 1hr

Another crash course, this time in photo editing. Matt will show you how best to manipulate exposure and colours to bring our the best in any image. If you are looking to use Photoshop more effectively or just get better images from your phone, this will allow you to understand what effect the various controls have.


Software Advanced - 2hrs

A deeper dive into your preferred software, most likely Photoshop or Lightroom, but whichever one you wish to use. Photographers spend a lot of their time using these very powerful programs, manipulating their images to get the very best results. So much so that they become second nature to them. This course will look at how editing can be used effectively, but also how to avoid having to edit and what to do to get the very best from an image in the first place. Sometimes, a good edit can save a job and sometimes a good edit could save a once in a lifetime image that went wrong, so they are always good skills to have.


Half Day Session  - 4hrs

The half day session is an opportunity to get out into the world or spend some time in Matt's studio to really get to grips with whatever style of photography you are interested in. Matt is there on hand to offer up his years of experience and improve your technique, revealing the methods used by the professionals. Bring your camera, batteries and memory cards and be prepared to take a lot of pictures!

£450 - 600

Full Day Deep Dive  - 6 to 8 hrs

The full day deep dive is the complete package. Much like the half day above it would involve a lot of picture taking on location or in the studio, but this time will involve half the day looking at the images and editing them, reflecting on what went well and what could be improved. A way to get the lowdown on exactly how a professional achieves the results they do and a clear guide on how to go about getting them yourself.


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