My Story

Creative Photography, Videography & Sound Production

My photographic story starts at the age of eleven with a spur of the moment trip into Birmingham to a used camera shop and the subsequent purchase of a Praktica BMS, a camera still with me today. I was lucky to attend a school with a darkroom and with this trusty manual camera, I managed to capture stunning images of anything I could think to shoot, while learning how to develop the film and prints. That sparked a love of photography that has stayed with me ever since, but one pursued purely as a hobby until my thirtieth birthday when I received a real Nikon digital SLR. That was the camera that took me into the professional realm and with early efforts looking promising, I decided to utilise some unused space in the family firm's factory to put together a studio.

That was in 2012 and since then I have been through numerous cameras, lighting setups and photographic theories to come to the methods I now use. My studio is perfect for product photography, packshots, portraits and corporate headshots while outside of the studio I am known to do well at parties, weddings and enjoy the composition of architectural/interior shots as well as landscapes.

This is true for videography too, with exceptionally high quality product videos supplied with original music should the need arise. Matt has also found a particular skill for wedding videos, bringing his editing and filming skills together with his passion for music and sound production

Please explore my site to find out a little about my technique and see examples of my work, as well as the contact section of you would like to make an enquiry or book me for a session. Many thanks for visiting.

Firearm Photography

Matthew is a specialist in high end firearms photography. Having set up his studio in the premises of his family gunmaking business, he can offer a secure location covered by an RFD in order to safely photograph any kind of guns.

Product Photography

It is said that if you can photograph a shotgun, you can photograph anything and so Matthew has put this to the test. His state of the art studio allows such careful control of lighting that any object can be photographed on any background, allowing your product to look its very best.

General Photography

 Matt can also be found covering many other photographic needs of clients such as events, weddings, corporate headshots, portraits, magazine illustration, property and many more. Please click below to see some of the things he has photographed.


These days such photographic techniques go hand in hand with similar moving image styles and Matt makes full use of his experience in still photography to offer videography services of the very highest quality. 








Pricing Structure

Hourly Rate


Studio and event location photography are charged at £75/hour.
Editing and image manipulation after the location work or for images of your own is charged at £75/hour.
All videography work is charged at £75/hour apart from long events or complicated shoots where a package price may be negotiated ahead of time.

Weddings, website builds and larger photo or video projects will be quoted for as a whole and will vary according to your specific requirements, but will loosely adhere to the rates listed above as a guide. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Please click here for a write up and pictures of the state of the art studio here at Matthew Brown Photography.

Corporate Headshots/Portraits

From £20

Standard corporate headshots designed to fit in with the theme of the company are a fixed charge of £30.
Portrait shots can range from very basic snaps with minimal editing for as little as £20, right up to large scale shoots with huge amounts of editing where the sky is the limit price wise. Using the hourly rate it is usually easy to predict how much it might cost to get what you are after, but a nice £100 budget would give you an hour trying our various shots and a little editing time afterwards to make things perfect.

Studio Example


A studio shoot consisting of four images of a product taking two hours to photograph in the studio with another two hours of post production work would come to a total of £320. Studio cost vary hugely according to the type of job, but often a client will want a similar angle of many different products for catalogue or website use and by using the same lighting and camera angles a lot of time can be saved. Studio jobs generally vary between £200 and £2000, but are most often around the £450 region.



Weddings are quoted as a whole based on the length of time you would want me on the day. Usually the highest amount charged would be for a full day ranging from around 11.00h to get some pics before the ceremony of people getting ready to around 21.00h to get some pics of people dancing. This ten hour day would cost £2500 with smaller packages starting from about £500 for a few hours covering the ceremony and people mingling. Please do get in touch with your requirements for a more accurate quotation.

Event Example


A corporate event involving five hours of location work and five hours of editing would come to £700. Events are usually around the £500-£1000 area according to the length of the function.

Videography Example


Filming a live seminar and editing to make an hour long film showing all the speeches with sound along with montages of activity though the day would involve set up time, the filming of activity before and after as well as filming the seminar itself. Then it would have to be editing and colour graded as well as any sound processing involved. In this case with three hours spent at the event and six hours to put the film together it would cost £720. Prices for videography can vary hugely according to the type of film. Live action will usually be cheaper as time on the day is only spent filming what is actually happening in real time and there is far less editing in post. More complicated films are more costly due to multiple takes from different angles and the increased time spent on editing.


Please get in touch for a more accurate quote based on your specific needs. Matt is always on hand to offer advice and an honest appraisal of you particular circumstances.

Matt took some very good photographs of some items I arranged for a USA based client. Very easy to arrange all visits and logistics.

Matthew has worked on numerous national conferences for me. He is always diligent, reads the environment well, and provides a reliable and creative product. Highly recommended.

The difficulties involved in photographing sporting guns are endless; locks, stocks and barrels require different techniques. Matt Brown has overcome ALL the problems. He is the world's greatest firearms photographer.


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