It is the policy of Matthew Brown Photography to keep all personal details of clients as private as possible. This website harvests no personal data at all and any communication made via the contact details on this site will be considered useful and therefore be stored for the duration of any business entered into. All data will be stored securely and only kept whilst still an active client.



Most photography featured on this site is of inanimate objects whose privacy is of little concern, but those photographs that do contain people will, going forth, have the necessary permissions to be used within the legitimate operations of a photography business. This may include publication, use on this website or used on social media as a promotional tool. If there are any photographs made public by Matthew Brown Photography that you unhappy with, please do make contact and they will be removed instantly.



The nature of photography means that many images of many people exist on the personal storage of the photographer. Matthew Brown Photography keep these encrypted and secured in keeping with current legislation. A secure network drive is used to transfer images to clients directly without the need for third parties or the prospect of being lost in the post. Any breeches of privacy will be reported immediately.



I hope this allows you to do business with us in the happy knowledge that any personal information of yours is entirely safe.

All the best.